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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
Updated: 1 hour 43 min ago

Vitesse: Using LLVM To Speed Up Databases

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 16:53
A new start-up is attempting to speed up PostgreSQL database performance by leveraging the LLVM compiler infrastructure...

AMD Is Restructuring Again, Losing 7% Of Employees

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 16:42
AMD reported their Q3'2014 results yesterday and they weren't good for the company. AMD will be restructuring again and will be slashing their global headcount by about 7%...

Linux Testing Of The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 16:00
After last month's review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 on Linux, many Phoronix readers expressed interest in seeing tests of the GeForce GTX 970, another powerful Maxwell graphics card but costs much less than the GTX 980. I now have my hands on an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 and am working on Linux performance benchmarks for this graphics card...

Qt 5.4 Now In Beta With Web, Bluetooth LE, Graphics Improvements

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:21
Digia -- well, what's being spun off into The Qt Company -- published the official beta for the upcoming Qt 5.4 tool-kit release...

AMD's Radeon R9 285 On Linux Offers Good OpenCL Performance

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:00
In complementing this week's Linux review of the AMD Radeon R9 285 and follow-up articles with some extra GPU scaling tests and Catalyst AI Linux benchmarks, here's some more OpenCL R9 285 "Tonga" performance numbers under Ubuntu compared to what was shared in the original Linux review...

GNOME Developer Comes Up With New Animated Image Format

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 14:16
Jasper St. Pierre who we're usually talking about on Phoronix due to his GNOME contributions related to Wayland support, shared today he's come up with a new animated image format to compete with GIF...

KDE Plasma 5.1 & KF5.3 For Fedora

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 13:55
The Fedora KDE SIG has put out new packages for the recent releases of KDE Frameworks 5.3 and KDE Plasma 5.1...

Clover Native Object Code Lands In Mesa

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 13:47
AMD's patches to add support to compiling to native object code for the "Clover" OpenCL state tracker in Mesa's Gallium3D and for the Radeon Gallium3D driver to take advantage of this functionality, has landed...

Wine 1.7.29 Is Still Implementing DirectWrite

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 13:40
A day after the debut of CodeWeavers CrossOver 14.0, Wine 1.7.29 is now available...

Debian Is Back To Discussing Init Systems, Freedom of Choice

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 13:20
The init system discussion is back on in the Debian camp... A vote will be taking place in two weeks to look at preserving the "freedom of choice of init systems."..

CrossOver 14.0 Makes Installing Windows Apps Easier

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 19:42
CodeWeavers has put out a major new release of their Wine-based CrossOver software...

Wayland Support Starts Coming Together For VLC Media Player

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 19:05
Users of the VLC multimedia player will be happy to know that the Wayland support is coming along for those wanting to abandon their X.Org Server...

AMD Catalyst AI Performance With "Tonga" On Ubuntu Linux

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 16:15
Along with today's R9 285 GPU scaling tests from Ubuntu, other Linux graphics tests I ran from the AMD Radeon R9 285 GCN 1.2 graphics card is a check whether to see Catalyst AI is doing much on Linux...

Fedora 21 Is Looking & Working Very Well -- Best Fedora Release Yet?

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 15:50
While we're still likely at least months out from the official release of Fedora 21, I've been running it a lot since last month's F21 Alpha release and it's been working out very well. Fedora 21 is easily shaping up to be the best Fedora release yet and the stability/saneness of the development packages is also a charming change compared to some of the more notorious Fedora releases of the past...

AMD Radeon R9 285 Linux GPU Scaling Performance

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 06:12
For those wondering about the maximum resolution they can run given OpenGL workloads at with the AMD Radeon R9 285 "Tonga", a new ~$250 USD graphics card, here's some Linux GPU scaling benchmarks with the Catalyst driver...

Changes Coming For OpenBSD 5.6

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 05:02
OpenBSD 5.6 is expected to be released at the start of November and with this release will come a large number of changes...

Linux-Turned-FreeBSD Distro Comes Up With A New Software License

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 22:37
While the likes of SprezzOS as the "most beautiful and performant" Linux and OSu as the ultimate operating system have disappeared at the end of the day and are no longer providing comic relief or interesting ambitious debates to Linux users, that other distribution based on Ubuntu and then turned into a FreeBSD distribution is still standing. They're out with an update today and have introduced their own open-source license...

Khronos Adds GLUS 2.0 To The OpenGL SDK

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 21:55
New to the OpenGL SDK is the integration of GLUS...

Google Backtracks & Re-Enables EXT3/4 File-System Support In Chrome OS

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 18:19
Surprising a lot of readers a few days ago was word that Google was dropping support for EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 file-systems from its file manager within the Linux-based ChromeOS. Now, after receiving a lot of criticism, Google is adding back the support for these common Linux file-systems...

Android 5.0 Lollipop, Nexus 6 & Nexus 9 Announced

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 17:22
Google has out a slew of announcements today concerning Android and its Nexus product line...